"I am very grateful to the doctor for relieving me from RLS Problem"

 Dated - 9th January 2020

– Ms. SK-

"Iam very thankful to Dr.Bhatia as was suffering from Sleep Apnea nd not getting sleep more than 2 hours/day. But after one month I am getting 7 hrs of sleep/day. Very thankful to doctor and the team".

 Dated - 4th January 2020

– Mr.SRP-

"I was suffering from severe sleep apnoea and daytime sleepiness, Thank to Dr.Bhatia and Team My sleep has improved immensely. I don't feel sleepy in the day and feel more energetic."

 Dated - 3rd January 2020

– Mr.AM-

"The Ambience is very calm and peaceful. Reall excellent place"

 Dated - 3rd January 2020

– Ms MS-

"Very good service and all staff are very caring"

 Dated - 31st December 2019

– Mr.SD-

"Very good Neuro & Sleep Centre, Timely given report"

 Dated - 23rd December 2019

– Ms.PR-

" Excellent Advice and explained very well"

 Dated - 17th December 2019

– Mr. MP-

"All the staff are very courteous and Doctor is a really better human being"

 Dated - 13th December 2019

– Mr. VP-

"At first I would like to Thank for the kind and warm behaviour from the Doctor and the Staff is very cooperative."

 Dated - 5th December 2019

– Mr SK-

"Had a soudfull sleep. Appreciate the good service."

 Dated - 5th December 2019

– Ms G-

" Appreciate the support that team has provided. I would recommend to others."

 Dated - 5th December 2019

– Mr.K-

"Service of the staff is quite satisfactory"

 Dated - 29th November 2019

– Mr.RG-